Grooming & Hygiene

Enviro fresh 3 in 1 Shampoos
Availiable in 2 sizes and fragrences. 500ml or 3.78 liter. Wild Raspberry and Fruity Appricot. No need for conditioners.

Enviro Fresh 3 in 1 colognes and conditioners
A great compliment to the Shampoos,use between shampoos so your pet smells and looks good all the time.

Get The Odor Out
There is no substitute – Eliminates urine, feces,and just about any pet odor without masking agents. Safe on Pets. It can be used on any organic odors sneakers, shoes, garbage cans. Available in473ml,950ml,3.78 liter and 22.76 liter pails.

Fast Acting Skunk Formula – Safe on Pets
Safe on pets, this fast acting non toxic formula will completely eliminate skunk smell in less than 5 minutes. May also be used to eliminate skunk problems from hard surfaces, residual airborne problems left behind from the source, as well it can be used in your laundry. Skunk Odor will NOT COME BACK when you’re pet gets wet the next time.

Slurp N’ Fresh
Veterinarian Recommended Slurp’ n Fresh: is a uniquely formulated breath freshener for dogs and cats which helps to eliminate odor causing compounds, reduce plaque and tarter, and protect your pet’s natural oral environment. This product is designed to form a part of regular oral care for your pet as prescribed by your veterinarian. Please note, this product will not perform well if added to well or lake water.