The Chewber All-In-One... More than a fetch toy!
Playing fetch is the easiest way to give your dog a great cardio workout! Chewbers best flying, aerodynamic 'ALLinONE' was designed for durability & distance!

  • Tough, flexible and safe
  • textured edges make a 'goobey' chewber easier to grip, and help keep teeth clean and white
  • perfect for the dog park and open spaces with room to throw!
  • easier to pick up than rigid discs
  • Dogs LOVE it's flexible springy consistancy!
  • It's an 'on the spot' water dish. Perfect for dogs on the go!
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The Chewber Tug-N-Toss

The TUG'nTOSS was designed for Terrier and Bull type breeds, or any dog that loves to tug and fetch. Wider flanges for tugging. Stipples and ridges on both sides for maximum grip and maximum dental benefit.

  • Smaller top radius and deeper bowl makes it easier to pick up.
  • Rolls on its edge like a penny for low to the ground pursuit.
  • An Excellent training tool for teaching dogs that love to tug how to fetch.
  • Great for dog on dog tug games and backyard play
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The Mini-Chewber

Designed for puppies, smaller dogs and indoor play, It rolls on its edge like a penny for low to the ground pursuit. A smaller top radius that’s even easier to pick up. MINI-CHEWB is sooo easy to throw and it really flies! Great for puppies! Big dogs love it too!

  • Textured edges are perfect for teething puppies.
  • Put it in the freezer for extra relief Stays supple even when frozen.
  • Feed your pup outta their Chewb for extra positive associations
  • The perfect introductory fetch toy for your pup.
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